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Susan D. Beach

We joined Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics last year and we are proud members to be recognized by them. It is a great experience when you get to work not just for your business but for the whole industry.

Lupe T. Sanderson
Vinyl Fever Logistics

This is the best and the only nation-wide recognized logistics organization. Very active and concerned about members. We were new in the industry when we began but learnt a lot from here. They do provide a lot of valuable information. 

Timothy C. Tate

I run a small logistics business and was part of their recent campaign. We got tons of orders over a period of just three days. It is just a start looking forward to our membership.  

Welcome to the Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics!

Roads are an eternal part of transportation as they aid transportation via road which is a cheaper source of transportation as compared to airways. Most of the heavy and bulk items in most countries are transported via roadways and that’s why the logistics industry relies heavily on the roads.When it comes to transportation or logistics, a reliable service provider is nothing less than a blessing.

Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics has been delivering smiles on consignees by delivering goods well in time and in perfect condition. We are the ones that you can look to and rely on to make sure that your logistics needs are met by providers in a timely and reliable manner. 

About the Association

Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics is a non-profit association aimed at ensuring that only the best logistic services operators operate in the region. We are aimed at not just creating an environment for transportation but in helping logistic businesses earn recognition from us based on how they perform.

What we do?

We, at Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics, play an important role in order to facilitate transportation and logistics in the region. We have been representing our members at National Level while helping them in getting business.Here is what we do for the growth of the transportation sector and how you can benefit if you choose to become one of our members:

 Represent Transport & Logistics Nation Wide


 Bridge Transporters with the Government

   We aim at increasing the transportation and ultimately the transport and logistics business in the country at a wide scale. For this we represent our members at National Level and help them get in business.    We bridge the gap between transporters and government and ensure that their voice and demands are heard. Our recent mission was development of the roads network and repair of damaged roads.

 Prepare Rules & Regulations 


 Recognize Transporters

   We have certain rules which are formulated especially for the transporters to abide by. They include rules regarding their conduct, employment of personnel, delivery terms and conditions etc.    Transporters which join us get recognized and hence boost their credibility. Customers feel more secured when they deal with a transporter who is a Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics registered member.

Why Join Us!

Most of the major logistic and transport business are a registered member of us. There are tons of benefits which businesses get by getting registered. Organizations which are our member not just boost their credibility but get recognized on a national level. They always ought to be part of our marketing campaign through which we promote transporters in the region. 

We have thousands of members and more are joining everyday! Why are you lagging behind? Join Amastadam National Association of Transport Road Ordence & Logistics today! Visit our website for more information and to fill out our contact form if you would like to sign up today.